About me

My name is Muhammad Ali Najmi Mohd Zulkiffli. I am born in July 21, 2003 in Labuan. On a day, when i come to my uncle house, i hear he has website. So i search to do a website, and not complete. And last i hear from Google, about E-Website.com.

So am i, then i choose ewebsite.com. Now i have this website..... Wait for the picture. In progress. I born from Muslim family, and in a day, i not sleep. I still use the computer. I have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

My father's name is Zulkiffli bin Talib, an Malaysian army and worked in Kuala Lumpur. My mother's name is Umi Kalsom binti Shaari, a science teacher in Shah Alam, Selangor. I have one brother and 3 sisters.

My hobby's is playing football, computer and games. My computer is LG and my mother give to me. I playing everyday, but now, we can used computer in Saturday and Sunday. Just mom and dad not give we (with brothers and sisters) used the computer from Monday to Thursday.

I have a uncle, who was job as selling sticker. He was have his website : www.elansticker.my. My mom and dad and my aunties not have website. I was the third from 7 brothers and sisters. Now (December 16, 2011 at Friday), i was going to my uncle house.

My uncle is born in 1976 in Gopeng, Perak. My uncle Paypal, Gmail, Ebay username is jdmplayground. He was selling stickers at his house and his store. My Facebook name is Muhammad Najmi. My Google username is mhnajmi.

My father's name in Facebook is Habibullah Abdillah (Bersama Selamanya) and my mother's name in Facebook is Umi Kalsom Shaari. My Youtube username is SheikhAliSultan (532 channel views and 1,336 see my video) and MuhammadMuizz (199 channel views and 5,321 see my video).

I have 3 Facebook, 1 Twitter and 2 Youtube account. My brother's name is Afif Najwan. My sister's name is Nur Najwa, Najla Zahirah and Najah Anati. The last sister was born in December 9, 2011 at Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

First time i used computer for 2 years, my mom buy a computer, and in 2010, i was find a website. My sister, Nur Najwa is loudspeak people.


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